One of the main goals of businesses is to grow day by day. However, sometimes they could not know how to grow and where to start.

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  1. How to optimize your growth marketing budget?
  2. The most important priority


One of the main goals of businesses is to grow day by day. However, sometimes they could not know how to grow and where to start. In this blog post, we would like to explain what business growth is and why the optimization of growth is pivotal for businesses.

First of all, we should say that there is no strict and single metric used to measure growth. But, sales, revenue, company value, profits, number of customers, and employees are a couple of parameters to measure the growth of businesses. Which parameter is important for your business depends on the business strategies and tactics applied. 


How to optimize your growth marketing budget?

Businesses are looking for ways to maximize their growth with a limited budget and resources. They are generally unsure whether to work with outsourcing or not because of time and cost. Thus, they should use their money, time and sources effectively and efficiently. This is why it is pivotal to know and understand how to optimize growth marketing budgets for them.


The most important priority

Businesses notice that to drive growth, they need to fulfill the requirements. Leveraging b2metric’s research and expert analysts, organizations can optimize their growth marketing budget accurately because they recognize that growth marketing strategies start with analyzing the current situation. 


You need to answer these questions

·   Are you analyzing your data?

·   Do you meet with customers regularly?


B2Metric uses several data sources, both internal and external, to help identify behavior in real-time. B2metric’s researchers and analysts serve you whatever your priorities, needs, and desires to optimize your growth budget. One of the products of B2Metric called IQ Analytics Digital Solution Platform will fix all your problems because you only need to know what is slowing your growth and how you can best improve it. 


What a platform!


By applying advanced and predictive analytics via the B2Metric IQ analytics digital solution platform, clients learn and gain deep insight such as

·      Analyze the user behaviors,

·      Setup user cohorts,

·      Predict churns and retentions,

·      Maximize app user retention rates,

·      Personalize mobile, web and TV apps and maximize user retention,

·      Take real-time personalized marketing actions,

·      Remarking on Google Ads and Facebook ads with AI based B2M IQ Audience Tracker.



Using B2Metric AI prevents your customer churn rate by 10 %, and gives insight for a specific period. Also, the platform has mastered, quick and insightful dashboards for mobile app marketers. With the AI-based Unsupervised and supervised models provided by the B2Metric solution, it is easier to analyze customer data, find patterns in the data model, and create customer micro-segments by obtaining insights. The micro-segments provided by our solution improve the decision-making processes of your marketing and growth teams. Due to that organization will optimize growth marketing budget, and create customer engagement and satisfaction.


You can register the platform!


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