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Table of Content

  1. Customer Propensity Prediction
  2. Marketing
  3. Fraud Detection
  4. Customer Churn Prevention
  5. Network Planning Systems
  6. Handling with Big Data


The use of AI and machine learning is becoming more and more common. With the widespread use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, AI started to be used in every field of business. Telecommunication is the main one of these fields. Because the telecommunication sector is one of the fastest-growing industries and the one that is affected by innovations quickly. The largest telecommunication companies worldwide also closely follow artificial intelligence and ML and develop various artificial intelligence applications. Some common examples of these application uses are:


Customer Propensity Prediction

Customer data is very important in the telecommunications sector. With the use of artificial intelligence, meaningful information is extracted from these data. AI applications evolve for the best customer communication in telecoms and analyze their movements for them. B2Metric AI exists to predict and procure customers' next step and provide the best option for them.

Churn prediction for telecom



Telecommunication companies can use data for creating better profiles for customers and allocate a marketing budget. With developed data structure, they are able to collect and store much more data that provide insights into each customer such as demographics, location, devices used, the frequency of purchases, and usage patterns. They also can have a stronger understanding of their customers by using other sources like social media and combining data from coming there.

Fraud Detection for telecom


Fraud Detection

Machine learning algorithms are efficient in detecting fraudulent behavior such as fake profiles, illegal access, theft, and more with anomaly detection of data. The power of technology-driven fraud detection solutions is derived from their ability to process large sets of data. The general rule is the more data is better, which consequently improves the accuracy and effectiveness of the analysis. B2Metric AI uses several data sources, both internal and external, to help identify fraudulent behavior in realtime with its anomaly detection modules.

Fraud Detection for telecom

Customer Churn Prevention

Customer churn means that the loss of an extending customer to an opponent. Churn prediction is highly important for each industries and also for telecoms because winning new customers is a highly costly issue. Retaining existing customers are cheaper than obtaining new customers. Also, older customers, who have no voluntary deductible excess, are generally non-churning customers. Newer ones, do churn more often. Therefore, telecommunication companies notice that to hold on to existing customers is getting more important. They also agree that churn analysis is one of the main data mining application areas. Hence, decreasing customer churn is the main business target of the telecom business. To manage customer churn, churning customers should be identified first. Then these customers must be convinced to stay. B2Metric AI prevents your customer churn rate by %20 to %50 with robust Churn prediction models that make efficient service.


Network Planning Systems

The creation of network planning systems will require evolving integral technologies like question answering, language transition, speech synthesis are some of the evolving techniques of telecommunication fields. Other applications like digital companding, AI-based network planning systems, are some of the evolving techniques of telecommunication fields. AI has found a broad application to exceed the efficiency of the telecommunications substructure.

Fraud Detection for telecom


Handling with Big Data

The telecommunications industry is one of the sectors that have to get over to big data. The fact that customer data is available in a mixture of various sources often poses a problem. Therefore, managing them manually will be time-consuming and will incur additional costs. Telecommunications, like all organizations in the business sector, try to maximize their revenues by reducing operating costs. With AI and ML, the handle of Big Data will be much easier. Therefore revenue will increase. B2Metric can turn your customer data into business insights and can use that information to make intelligent decisions, predict outcomes, suggest actions and automate tasks based on machine learning. For more information about “B2Metric data gathering& cleaning”

Fraud Detection for telecom


The Future for Telecommunications

Many people may not realize that AI is already widely used in daily activities through digital voice assistants. But data science is already a huge part of the telecommunications sector, and as big data tools become more available and complicated, data science, ML will all continue to enlarge in this range with enhanced data.

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