Intelligent Second-Hand Car
Sales Market Analytics Platform

Gain deep sales insights about all second-hand car models and makes. All the data you need about automotive industries from online and offline channels

What is B2Metric Intelligent Auto Market Insights Platform?

B2Metric Intelligent Auto Market Insights Platform supports your strategies and marketing decisions by gathering for online and offline data.

AI-Based analyzed different countries and regions second-hand market for second-hand car dealers and sellers.

Second-Hand Car Value Change Analysis

Automobile Price Analysis

B2M Competitor Car Price Analysis

B2M Catalogue

Market Supply Time

Price by Market Condition

B2M Automobile Finder

B2M Buy-Sell Automobile

Cars’ Stock Turnover

High Accuracy Price Prediction with High Quality Data

  • Lots of things you need to follow and they change very quickly;
  • Changing prices
  • Supply effects
  • Foreign exhanges
  • SCT regulations

It works for you every time!

B2Metric IQ’s pool of over constantly updated resources, you know the market very well.

  • It helps you keep track
  • The first and the last prices of the cars
  • Transmissions,
  • The types of fuels,
  • The amount of discounts,
  • Years,
  • Vendors,
  • Loss,
  • Many more, what you need to know.

Bring the power of AI based software to your business with B2Metric IQ. See the historical progress and foresee the future.

Thanks to market data in its system, B2Metric IQ provides forecasting with 90 % accuracy in advanced forecasting scenarios

Integrated Market Analysis with Wider Industry Expertise

B2Metric IQ provides a holistic market analysis tool mixed with commercial experience.

  • It Offers industry-specific reports and value summaries such as
  • Vendors/Brand,
  • New sales,
  • Second hand sales,
  • Insurance and financial services.

You can access automomarket representation by clicking here

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