Integration with GA4 with B2Metric is one of the frequently asked questions, and we share all of the information about it within this blog!

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Data Integration

Integration with GA4 with B2Metric is one of the frequently asked questions, and we share all of the information about it within this blog!


In this blog, we'll handle this object with 3 main headlines as:

  • How does B2Metric get data via Google Analytics 4?
  • How to stream from Google Analytics to BigQuery?
  • How to connect BigQuery - B2Metric IQ Analytics?



How does B2Metric get data via Google Analytics 4?


To connect your GA4 to B2Metric IQ Analytics, you must first transfer your data to BigQuery via GA4. 


B2Metric IQ Analytics makes a detailed analysis of raw data. That's why it doesn't receive data directly over GA4. GA4 exports data in aggregate. Making analyses on more detailed and raw data allows you to reach more clear and more explainable results, not approximate results. All B2Metric reports are created with their own query analysis.



How to stream from Google Analytics to BigQuery?


Connecting GA4 to BigQuery is very simple. You can export your data to BigQuery Cloud Console by following the steps below:


1) In Google Analytics, click Admin.

2) Make sure you are in the correct account and property.

3) In the Property column, under PRODUCT LINKS, click BigQuery Links.

4) Click Link.

5) Click Choose a BigQuery project to display a list of projects you can access.

If you have linked Analytics and Firebase (or plan to), consider exporting to the same Cloud project, which will facilitate easier joins with other Firebase data.

6) Select a project from the list, then click Confirm.

7) Select a location for the data. (If your project already has a dataset for the Analytics property, you can't configure this option.)

8) Click Next.

9) Select Configure data streams and events to select which data streams to include with the export and specific events to exclude from the export. You can exclude events by either clicking Add to select from a list of existing events or by clicking Specify event by name to choose existing events by name or to specify event names that have yet to be collected on the property.

10) Click Done.

11) Select Include advertising identifiers for mobile app streams if you want to include advertising identifiers.

12) Select either or both a Daily (once a day) or Streaming (continuous) export of data.

13) Click Next.

14) Review your settings, then click Submit.



How to connect BigQuery - B2Metric IQ Analytics?


The only requirement for a BigQuery - B2Metric IQ Analytics connection is to have an account with permission to access the corresponding BigQuery console. Connect your BigQuery with just a few clicks by following the steps below:


  • Click the Data Integration button in the top right and then click the Create Integration button.


B2Metric blogpost


  • Select BigQuery from data sources.



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  • Click the Authorize Account button and select an account that has permissions to the BigQuery Console Project you want to link to.




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  • Name your dataset and select the relevant BigQuery project. Then complete the selection of the dataset you want to bind.




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  • How often your data will be transferred to IQ Analytics is selected. Here you can use daily, weekly and monthly rates. If you want to see the current hourly hours of each day. You list the daily option and any hour of the day in detail. Note that the clock here; The data of the data you make between GA4 - BigQuery will be at a certain time. B2Metric checks the data on BigQuery and gets the current-dated data. If here you can get your current data 1 day back from one hour before BigQuery transfer. Therefore, it is recommended to select the time after the data transfer time to BigQuery.




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  • Complete your integration by pressing the SAVE button on its name. That's it! Your data will be available on B2Metric IQ Analytics in a few minutes. You can view the data flow status in the details of the relevant integration option.



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As you can see, this is that simple to integrate your data with GA4 with B2Metric. We hope that this blog answered all of your questions about integration from Google Ads to B2Metric. If this blog isn't enough for you, feel free to meet us to learn more about what B2Metric can provide you to improve your business!

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