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Data cleaning has been a long-unsolved challenge that has plagued the data science and analytics industries. Data scientists spend numerous hours preparing their data for modeling. 

Data cleaning is the process of being consistent with the customer database by identifying and removing incorrect data. The most important purpose of data cleaning is to recognize and receive mistakes, dual data, unstructured data, planning analysis, and your brand’s goals and decisions in the texts, forcing you to export, store, and organize typical menus that you cannot collect. Examine unstructured data analysis and tools. This improves the quality of the exercise data for analytics and makes the right decision. Most of the time, you should keep unstructured data in Word document databases and manually analyze the analysis tools in these databases to prove this data.



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B2Metric AI brings data preparation features to data scientists automatically. Together with this developing technology, it has taken the new developments and technology in data gathering and cleaning to an advanced and higher level, providing users with a new perspective and a high level of experience. 


Different types of data will require different types of cleaning. However, the systematic approach laid out in this lesson can always serve as a good starting point for using B2Metric AI. Data scientists and business analysts achieve this with the click of a button. 


Furthermore, data cleaning is one of those things that everyone does but no one really talks about. Surely, it’s not the best part of machine learning. And no, there aren’t hidden tricks and secrets to uncover. 


Data gathering is one of the most essential ML problem-solving processes. To establish a successful machine learning model, an organization must have the ability to train, test, and verify it before starting production. Data preparation technology is used to create a clean and explanatory basis for today’s modern machine learning, but good DP historically takes more time than other parts of the machine learning process. 


Most machine-learning algorithms require that data be formatted in a very particular way, so data sets often require some preparation before providing useful information. Some data sets contain values that are missing, invalid, or otherwise difficult for an algorithm to handle. If the data is missing, the algorithm cannot use it. If the data is void, it causes the algorithm to produce less accurate and even elusive results. Good data arrangement produces cleaner and better-curated data, leading to more practical and accurate model results. 

Data collection allows you to keep a record of past events, so we can use data analysis to find duplicate patterns. From these patterns, you create predictive models using machine learning algorithms. 

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Auto-ML takes advantage of the strengths of both humans and computers. Humans are proficient at communication, engagement, context, and knowledge, as well as creativity and insight. Software systems and computers are excellent for repeated tasks, mathematics, data manipulation, and parallel processing. Also, they provide humans with the ability to master complex solutions.

The traditional ML model development process is resource- and labor-intensive, requiring critical domain expertise and time to produce and compare dozens of models. Apply automated ML when you want B2Metric Machine Learning to train and tune a model for you using the target metric you specify.

Manually finding the right algorithm and tuning it to fit your dataset is a challenging task. B2Metric AI technology automates algorithm selection and hyperparameter optimization on algorithms ranging from classical sci-kit-learn algorithms to complex time series algorithms. Every model built into B2Metric AI can be put into production right away. You can upload data to be scored in bundles. Monitor the performance of all deployed models from a central portal and easily refresh and replace models if data and accuracy change over time.

Automated ML replaces much of the work that is done by hand in a more traditional data science process. But if it is to be considered a fully automated machine learning solution, a platform must meet these key points: Preparing Data, Feature Engineering, Diverse Algorithms, Algorithm Selection, Training and Tuning, Ensembling, Head-to-Head Model Competitions, Human-Friendly Insights, Easy Deployment, Model Monitoring, and Management

The success of machine learning in various applications has led to an ever-increasing demand for ML systems that can be used off the shelf by non-specialists. It aims to automate the maximum number of steps in an ML pipeline with the minimum amount of human effort without compromising the model’s performance.


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