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Table of Content

  1. B2Metric IQ Customer Journey Predictive Analytics
  2. Data Connection
  3. Business KPIs
  4. Audience tracker
  5. Funnel
  6. Composition
  7. Screen Flow
  8. App Crash Reports
  9. Users
  10. CRM chart wizard

Customer behavior and the interaction with your application are the reflection of their level of satisfaction with the service throughout the different stages of their customer journey. The continuity of use, or rather the user retention, also depends on your application’s ability to continue delivering quality service in terms of content, performance, etc. High levels of customer acquisition, retention, and engagement can only be attained by adopting a customer-driven development mindset. A wide array of technical roles is concerned with improving customer satisfaction, such as: 


Growth managers: determine acquisition channels, strategies, and cornerstones of financial growth.


UI/UX designers: determine what a typical user would want in terms of visual and user experience while using the application. 


Product owners: determine what application users can expect in the next step and approach these expectations in a creative framework that enhances the product.


DevOps/SRE teams: ensure the continuity of the service and monitor technical risks and alarms.


However, the efforts of all these professionals stall if they do not have a way to gauge current levels of customer satisfaction according to role-specific performance metrics. In other words, the key questions that have to be addressed are the following: Are customers satisfied with the product? If not, what causes their dissatisfaction? How close is the product to their level of expectation? 


B2Metric answers these questions and many more through its SaaS digital optimization system, 


B2Metric IQ Customer Journey Predictive Analytics.

B2Metric IQ connects seamlessly with the application’s data source and generates real-time reports that give actionable insights

B2Metric IQ is able to respond to a variety of role-specific needs; it enables product owners to monitor product success via KPIs, allows UI/UX designers to analyze how users navigate and interact with the product, uncovers statistics about crashes and site reliability for DevOps and SRE teams, and accompanies growth managers in creating successful customized marketing campaigns. 


Read on to discover B2Metric IQ’s versatility and power! 

Data Connection: 

B2Metric IQ can connect to a wide variety of data sources, from cloud data warehouses to locally stored data records such as Adjust, MailChimp, Slack, BigQuery and so on.

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Business KPIs: 

Once connected to your data source, B2Metric IQ offers real-time insights about user interaction with your application. No need to write SQL scripts to retrieve valuable information. B2Metric organizes all the Business KPIs on a clean dashboard, ready to be examined to retrieve valuable insights. 


Allow product owners to monitor the application’s performance via North Star Metrics, including user activity over the specified time frame, cohort analysis, and user and device composition. 


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B2Metric IQ also allows you to customize your reports via its multiple other dashboards: 


Audience tracker: select the events you’d like to track, filter your query with predicates, and instantly visualize your results with a few clicks. No SQL or visualization skills needed to retrieve real-time insights! 

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Funnel: View how your users progress through different stages of their customer journey. Select a sequence of events and generate a funnel analysis report that showcases customer conversion and drop-off rates. 


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Composition: understand who your users are and view their composition according to different criteria (device, country, language, etc). This information can enable marketing teams to better understand the user base and come up with targeted campaign strategies. 

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Screen Flow: Understand how users navigate your application via customizable screen flow reports and discover how UI/UX designers can make the product more user-friendly. 


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App Crash Reports: allow your DecOps and SRE teams  to identify areas of improvement by analyzing app crashes experienced by users


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Users: Get a table view of your users and know the characteristics of your customer base for further analysis.


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CRM chart wizard: the customer relationship management chart wizard offers the greatest degree of customization and flexibility. Simply select the data source, chart type, and data that you’d like to plot! 


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The value derived from the business KPIs generated by B2Metric is undeniable; it allows you to know the level of user satisfaction with the product, uncovers the composition of your user base, and enables you to discover key areas of improvement. But, B2Metric’s job does not finish here, it accompanies your growth efforts via performance marketing and push notifications reports. 


Performance Marketing enables you to advertise your application on social media platforms and only pay once your business goals are met. B2Metric allows you to monitor the performance of your campaign until you reach measurable results. 


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Push Notifications are a fast and effective means to establish communication with your users. Just select a user segment and customize the message you’d like to send them! 


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B2Metric IQ enables you to adopt a customer-oriented mindset by empowering different roles within your organization with ready to use insights that bring about growth and business value. 


If you are interested in more about our blogs, you can find much more information there. Visit our website to learn more about B2M IQ.


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