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In this blog, we will discuss Product Hunt, why it is crucial for businesses, how to use it, and how to launch a product. There will be some tips about how to prepare and what to keep in mind.

What is Product Hunt?


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It is an enterprise promotion platform where entrepreneurs and makers can promote their products and find early adopters. Members vote for new products every day, and the most popular products find their place at the top.

In addition, while creating your profile, you can choose the areas you are interested in and take advantage of the special offers on many products that are newly released every day.

Well, why is Product Hunt important for business? 


1- Marketing and Awareness

Here, Product Hunt's audience plays a significant role. You can introduce your product to a wide audience of technology-focused users and professionals in their fields, thus increasing the speed at which you reach potential users.,



2- Quick Feedback

By receiving feedback from a large number of real and experienced users, you can improve your product and optimize your user experience.



3- Investor Interest

The platform focuses on new and innovative products, and investors use it to seize potential opportunities. If you successfully promote your product and manage to attract attention, you can attract the attention of investors and provide a financial resource.



4- Cooperation Opportunities

Product Hunt allows you to connect with other entrepreneurs and companies in similar industries. The platform offers a chance to showcase your product and communicate with potential business partners. Partnership opportunities can be valuable for growing your business and expanding into new markets.



5- Social proof

A successful launch on Product Hunt, a good rating, and positive reviews will build trust with potential customers and encourage them to use your product. This will increase the awareness of your brand.



6-Media and Press Attention

Your success in Product Hunt may attract media attention. In this way, you can have the opportunity to reach a wider audience.



7- Beta Tests

You can introduce your product, which is still in the testing process, in the (Ship / Upcoming) section, and you can gain a certain audience before your product is released to the market.




What Should Be Done for a Successful Product Launch?


First of all, Product Hunt has prepared a detailed Product Hunt launch guide for this, but we can give some extra tips.


Planning this process into three steps will probably help you succeed.


  • Teaser

 We can say that this stage is the preparation process for your launch. At this stage:


You should use social media platforms effectively, share relevant information about your product in this process, and prepare your audience for launch day. In this process, you can enter the communities for launch day support and support the launching products by entering groups such as Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, etc. You should be open to cooperation in this process. 


Team collaboration is essential here. Team members must be active on the Product Hunt platform and network for support on launch day. Remember, there is no direct upvote request. A more correct way to congratulate the launched products and politely convey your support request.


We can see that products with more upvotes and comments can rank lower than products with fewer votes and comments. On Product Hunt, the quality of upvotes is more important than the quantity of upvotes. Quality upvotes come from active PH-ers. Their engagement on the platform has been consistent for months. Products that receive engagement from existing PH members appear to be favored by the algorithm of Product Hunt.


As a proxy for authenticity, account longevity makes sense. It is not the goal of Product Hunt to compel companies to create accounts to get their products upvoted.


During this time, you should explore the platform; if you are unfamiliar, try to learn it and understand the audience. It's time to meet the Hunters. You can introduce your product to hunters and cooperate with the makers.



  • Launch Day

Timing is important here. You should decide your target audience, but since you have 24 hours, there should be an hour where you can use the optimum time.


The first three days are very important. When you go down the list, your upvote speed will automatically slow down at the same rate. For this, you should be as active as possible on the launch day and follow your product. It's time to reach out to all the contacts we collected during the teaser phase. Of course, there will be contacts you have reached before, but the speed of getting returns from the contacts you reach on launch day will be much higher. Or you should remind the contacts you have reached before that we are living.


Offering special offers and discounts for your PH launch, and encouraging the audience to use your product is very important here. At this point, we fully trust our product and make the audience feel it.



  • After Launch

It's not over yet. This is the nurturing phase. Do not forget that to be the winner of the week, we need to continue to increase our product awareness after the launch day. Here you can share your metrics, highlight your nice comments, and make announcements to add to your success. Remember, it's important to thank your supporters and consider their feedback. Having launched our product and gathered our votes, everything is going well. So why did we launch our product? We want to reach potential customers and investors; demonstrate that we are open to collaboration; and increase our brand awareness.


After the launch, you need to manage your customer funnel well. After determining the stage they are in, you should move on to the nurturing phase. You should contact potential customers interested in your product. You should give them more information about your product, and encourage them to purchase through methods such as e-mail marketing, personalized messages, or interactive content. You should maintain communication with your after-sales customers, make the necessary updates, and consider feedback to improve the customer experience. Remember, turning your customers into loyal users is as significant as gaining customers.


 Was your launch not as successful as you had hoped? Do not worry. After all, you can make more than one launch and achieve great success.You can evaluate the feedback and discuss where you have problems as a team. You will learn a lot from your experiences.


In conclusion, embracing the potential of Product Hunt can significantly impact your business. Take the necessary steps to ensure a successful product launch, establish connections within the thriving community, and witness your product flourish. Best of luck on your Product Hunt journey, and may your launch receive enthusiastic reception, meaningful engagement, and boundless prospects for advancement.



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