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Understanding the hidden patterns of your customer is key to building the right marketing and campaign strategies. B2ML Studio answers all of your complicated problems and opportunities. 85 % Prediction Accuracy Score!

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85 % Prediction Accuracy Score

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B2Metric is a Top-Notch Automated ML Modeling Platform For Banking And Finance. We use B2metric ML Studio for our Banking customer retention, segmentation, behavior analysis and propensity predictions. High-accurate ML models give us great customer insights...

Mehmet Yaşar SungurHead of CRM & Data Science & Data AnalyticsAktifBank

B2Metric AI/ML based campaign optimization solutions can be implemented and adapted seamlessly to companies. Companies can have different types of communication channels such as Mobile, Online Channel, In store etc. Thus, we can apply all of the similar or different scenarios.

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Top-in-class to give more meaningful and insightful analysis results. See what our customers say

We have searched and tried many Auto-ML tools before. But B2Metric is the most suitable customer journey predictive analytics solution for our insurance business needs. Automated machine learning solutions with divergent thinking systems for churn prediction, risk analysis and customer segmentation in life insurance customers.


We built our weekly data analysis reports architecture with B2Metric. They have done an excellent job by providing a solution for our endless needs as an OTT startup.


B2Metric has successfully integrated and deployed a dashboard where we can continuosly track critical parameters for our business. Plus, agility in response, clear user interface, well designed data relation.


Reinforce marketing & growth teams with great decisions

Flexible reports provide you to answer your specific questions and understand how you can build the relationship with your customers and create cutomer and business value

Ingest the customer data and all touch points into the B2ML Studio platform to gain valuable insights and actions out of raw data. Then, marketing & product teams follow all customer journeys. It is pivotal for companies because before applying and sending such campaigns to your customers, the executives should know which campaign should be applied for different segments due to making the campaign cost effective. Thus, by using the B2ML Platform, companies will make understanding about return-of-investments and budget optimizations.

Simple AI-Based Predictive Analytics Solution for marketing & growth & product teams

Experience how B2Metric IQ is designed to be used by cross-functional teams. Data collaboration is our secret to building a fast moving data-informed culture inside your company

By improving the campaign optimization and personalization experience, it will create bridges between the user and the product, increase the quality of companies' digital service, and improve the revenue and interaction model with the adoption between the company and the customer.

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