Machine Learning Engineer

We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer with experience in building high-performing, scalable, enterprise-grade applications.

Job Description

  • B2Metric is an AI-based digital optimization platform that provides an adaptive learning solution that takes customer and event actions data to create actionable insights for optimized marketing results with Automated Machine Learning (Auto-ML) platform.
  • B2Metric is an AI-based predictive analytics solution that enables the management of customer journey analytics, risk assessment, and price optimization process within the B2Metric ML Studio platform solution.


  • Research and development of deep learning models.
  • Providing end-to-end machine learning solutions from gathering data to deploying the models in a live environment.
  • Monitoring machine learning models and participating in MLOps workflows.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or a related discipline.
  • Experience in Python and multiple libraries (NumPy, OpenCV, Scikit, Pandas, etc.).
  • Experience in Git and Linux environments.
  • Knowledge in computer science, with competencies in data structures and algorithms
  • Big Query and Google Cloud knowledge
  • Solid knowledge of agile methodology and software development lifecycle.
  • Familiar with Machine Learning or Deep Learning concepts.
  • Having a deep understanding of ML & DL algorithms and their theoretical background.
  • Familiar with NLP or Computer vision.

If you’re looking for an exciting journey you want to wake up every day to a role that offers real responsibilities and a great team to be a part of, then B2MetricCrew is waiting for your application.