Identify User Patterns, Monitor Behavior with Cohort Analysis

Gain actionable insights of user behavior to enable data-driven decision-making and the optimization of strategies for particular user groups.

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Cohort analysis is an effective data analysis approach that unites people with a common experience or characteristic, giving organizations insights into how those people's behavior has changed over time. By monitoring cohort performance, identifying successful cohorts, and determining the variables that contributed to their success, it helps businesses to understand customer behavior or user retention. Businesses may make smart decisions, create strategies for increasing customer retention, and reduce churn by analyzing the performance of various cohorts. A useful technique for making data-driven decisions and enhancing business outcomes is cohort analysis.

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Using cohort analysis, businesses can assess customer retention rates, analyze adoption patterns for products and features, determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and evaluate user engagement and behavior. Companies can enhance their user experiences, identify effective retention strategies, and optimize marketing efforts by comparing different cohorts.

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B2Metric is the behavioral AI platform that gives you self-service customer journey.