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Reinforce your marketing teams with self-service customer behavior insights, what experiences and customer actions lead to favorable outcomes, and where to double down on customer retention.

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Simple AI-Based Predictive Analytics Solution for Marketing & Growth & Product teams

Experience how B2Metric IQ is designed to be used by cross-functional teams. Data collaboration is our secret to building a fast-moving data-informed culture inside your company.

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B2Metric IQ Customer Journey Analytics

The B2M Growth Analytics is always learning, giving deep insights faster and smarter. More intuitive analytics for better decisions and results. More automated and customized for customer results.

Reinforce Marketing & Growth Teams with Great Decisions

Flexible reports provide you to answer your specific questions and understand how you can build relationships with your customers and create customer and business value.

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Save Time and Resources

Save time and resources with B2Metric, an innovative solution that streamlines your data analysis process. With its advanced algorithms and automation capabilities, B2Metric enables you to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently, empowering you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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85% Accuracy Score:

B2Metric delivers an impressive 85 percent accuracy score, providing you with reliable and trustworthy results for your data analysis. With its advanced algorithms and rigorous testing, B2Metric ensures high precision in predicting outcomes and identifying patterns, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions based on accurate insights.

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Minimum Effort, Maximum Success

Experience minimum effort and maximum success with B2Metric, a powerful tool designed to simplify your data analysis journey. With its user-friendly interface and automated features, B2Metric allows you to achieve remarkable results with minimal time and energy investment, unlocking the full potential of your data effortlessly.

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The B2ML Studio platform enables seamless integration of databases, BI reporting, AutoML modeling, and AI results.

Decision trees explain model decisions by converting data distribution results into simple rule sets, enabling users to identify favorable or unfavorable business model situations.

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Decision Tree

The decision Tree is interpreted by following tree paths that reach nodes that separate the target class in a highly pure manner. To reach pure nodes, we find the nodes with the highest rate differences in bars. Colors are used to indicate the density of classes. B2M Main Node tells you what percentage of your target audience belongs to which class in the classification problem and how many instances your data set consists of. B2M Child Node displays the density of target classes at a particular node in the decision tree by providing a horizontal bar colored by target classes.

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Sunburst displays hierarchy using concentric rings representing different levels. The central circle represents the root node, and the hierarchy extends outward from it. Each ring is divided based on its relationship to the parent slice, either equally or proportionally to a value. Color can be utilized to emphasize hierarchical groups or specific categories.

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Feature Dependency & Shapley Importance

Feature dependency shows the list of variables that affect model decisions.SHAP values are a convenient, (mostly) model-agnostic method of explaining a model's output, or a feature's impact on a model's output. It provides a means to estimate and demonstrate how each feature's contribution influences the model.

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Regression Coefficient

The regression coefficients are a static measure which is used to measure the average functional relationship between variables. Also, it measures the degree of dependence of one variable on the other(s).

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Decision Plot

A decision surface plot is a powerful tool for understanding how a given model “sees” the prediction task. It also explains how the model has decided into a specific data segment. For example, the given plot shows the model decision for the Passenger Id <=23 data segment.

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B2Metric is the behavioral AI platform that gives you self-service customer journey.