Finance Services

Non Performing Loan Scoring

Building unique scoring models in a matter of minutes. Combining advanced machine learning techniques with your loan portfolio history to uncover the full potential of your data.


Finance Services

Customer Propensity Prediction

AI applications is evolving for the best customer communication in the banks and analyze their movements for them. B2Metric AI is there to predict customers’ next step and make providence and have it make the best option for them.


Finance Services

Credit Risk Analysis

Risk management is in a doubt on Insurance companies, brokers and other finance services. It is a wrong idea and just preparation for cash flow or financially bad days. The part of credit risks ensures services concentrate on helping management, reporting of the credit risk description. Financial market places depend to develop prediction models nevertheless they consist of the natural risks.


Finance Services

Customer Churn Prediction

Cash flow optimization is the process of controlling, analyzing and managing spends and expenses. B2Metric AI helps your financial services infrastructure to redesign with Automated machine learning. It is important because if cash flow optimization doing well management can’t control spends and earns that causes a problem.