Underwriting Risk Management based on Artificial Intelligence

Claims processing is the center of the insurance business. Even tiny improvements that reduce processing time and increase accuracy can drive huge impacts. Time is a valuable resource for employees and customers. Use B2Metric Hunter to predicting that claims ought to be foundation on auto-paid characteristics with deep learning. Thus, minimize your the possibility of mistakes.



Fraud Detection and Prevention

The power of technology driven fraud detection solutions is derived from their ability to process large sets of data. The general rule is the more data the better, which consequently improves the accuracy and effectiveness of the analysis. B2Metric AI uses several data sources, both internal and external, to help insurers identify fraudulent behavior.



Customer Churn Prevention

In the insurance industry, customer churn is the proportionally of the disuse people product or service at any given time for especially life (term or permanent), P&C, auto insurance products. Bad experience or dissatisfaction with the service cause people to stop using the product or service. B2Metric AI prevents your customer churn rate by 10% and making efficient service.



Cross-Selling New Insurance Product Range

Cross-selling and up-selling are types of selling techniques. Upselling tries the sell the product with an upgrade to already existing customers. Cross-selling is the try to sell another product and given a product to already existing customers. B2Metric AI AutoML technology helps insurance to raise product sales revenue. It uses these techniques and increases the introduction of the products to customers.