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Increase your customer engagement with push notifications, SMS and email messaging

Build Cross-Channel Marketing Programmes

Engage with customers via Facebook and Google

Send Notification or messages at the best time!


B2Metric is a Top-Notch Automated ML Modeling Platform For Banking And Finance. We use B2metric ML Studio for our Banking customer retention, segmentation, behavior analysis and propensity predictions. High-accurate ML models give us great customer insights...

Mehmet Yaşar SungurHead of CRM & Data Science & Data AnalyticsAktifBank

Decide which channel you will use for each customer while sending a message!

Which users are received the notification messages?

What should be written at the message?

How do you trigger your users with the message

Smarter, Faster, Powerful

Top-in-class to give more meaningful and insightful analysis results. See what our customers say

We have searched and tried many Auto-ML tools before. But B2Metric is the most suitable customer journey predictive analytics solution for our insurance business needs. Automated machine learning solutions with divergent thinking systems for churn prediction, risk analysis and customer segmentation in life insurance customers.

Esin BingölData Scientist METLIFE

We built our weekly data analysis reports architecture with B2Metric. They have done an excellent job by providing a solution for our endless needs as an OTT startup.

Koray DinçalpHead of Growth GAIN MEDİA GROUP

B2Metric has successfully integrated and deployed a dashboard where we can continuosly track critical parameters for our business. Plus, agility in response, clear user interface, well designed data relation.

Mehmet Yaşar SungurHead of CRM & Data Science & Data Analytics AKTİFBANK

Whenever you want, send a notification!

  • Marketing insights powered by B2M AI-Based Insights
  • Our goal built performance marketing let you to
  • Use marketing intelligence to build easier and faster
  • Optimize your marketing experiences to drive business
  • Remarking on Google Ads and Facebook ads
  • Personalized SMS, Push Notificaions and Email

Simple AI-Based Predictive Analytics Solution for marketing & growth & product teams

Send messages and notifications to each user based on when they are most active inside your app. Doubled engagement rates by delivering campaigns at the perfect time.

  • Follow your users via B2Metric Notification funnel
  • When your users drop-off from the app?
  • which pages are less visited?
  • How many and Which users open your message?

  • Implement your data into B2M Data Connectors to gain deep insight
  • Save Cost, Time and Effort!
  • Personalized Marketing Messages via Facebook and Google Ads
  • Adopt Marketing Automation on Mailchimp, Zoho and One Signal
B2Metric IQ Analytics
B2Metric ML Studio - Auto ML

Perfectly suits startups who want to accelerate customer journey and product analytics with power of AI.

Our free plan includes
8M events per month
Basic analytics
Unlimited data sources
Unlimited users
Helping teams like

Great for scale-up companies looking for out of the box customer journey predictive analytics to boost revenue.

Everything in Starter, plus
Extensive omnichannel data aggregation
Advanced customer behavioral analytics
Custom onboarding & Data Science support
Personalized Mobile Push Notification
Helping teams like

Ideal for cross-functional teams who need deeper insights and data governance.Custom plans and pricing to suit your needs

Everything in Growth, plus
Robust data governance, omnichannel data aggregation for on-premises
Pre-trained ML Models for Customer Journey
Premium support and services with ML Engineers
Custom User Journey creation and advanced user permissions
Helping teams like

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