Hunter - Underwriting Risk Management Engine

Risk Analyze with Active Business Learning


While a report by McKinsey discusses “The impact of AI on future of insurance.” AI can deliver on insurance industry expectations through machine learning and deep learning. B2Metric Hunter is the AI-native, SaaS and On-Prem based solution that’s powering claims automation for the leading insurers. It uses multiple data sources and AI, delivered by dedicated account-based Data Science teams to optimize the claim handling period and drive innovation. AutoML based claims automation improves your existing processes and procedures by offering data science resources and deep insurance expertise that easily integrates with your existing core systems. AI is adding a new page in the areas of productivity, insight, and probability, especially to encourage buyer involvement and growth of relationships. In today’s customer service, insurance agents can answer simple questions with chatbots and also use artificial intelligence to guide them to their demands. Artificial intelligence-based systems can also provide a better understanding of the buyer’s and seller’s behavior, indirectly risk, when combined with other areas such as devices and machine learning that synchronize with the Internet of objects, the second basic concept. On the other hand, the demand process, which proceeds entirely with artificial intelligence and machinery, takes people out of this process from a careful examination of damages to payment. The fact that artificial intelligence accelerates the demand process will activate artificial intelligence not only in vehicle insurance but also in many areas such as health insurance and life insurance in the future. Fraud is one of the biggest problems in the insurance field. B2Metric AI Hunter product has been designed for getting deep insights from Fraud entities pattern recognition. Thanks to the advancement and development of artificial intelligence, it will be able to intervene by realizing many fraud cases and fraudulent demands that people have missed.

AI is preparing to change the insurance industry on a large scale with risk analysis and other developing technologies. Using these technologies, insurance agents will be able to obtain customer insights, behaviors, and participation information that they have never seen and are unsure of. As a result, it will increase the value of buyers, attract new buyers to increase revenue as much as possible by moving your product or service beyond the promises.