Aktif Bank Auto-ML Integration

Aktif Bank Auto-ML Integration

In this digital age, businesses need to meet the demands and needs of their potential or existing customers in time in to gain a significant market share in the market. One of the ways to achieve this is to provide an insight from customer data, which is very valuable in this period. However, businesses need to adapt artificial intelligence-based business models to the business's system in order to process this data. At this very point, the B2Metric ML Studio AutoM-ML platform helps to businesses to have an advantage.


B2Metric ML Studio Auto-ML platform automates the AI/ML-based data analytics processes of many national and international companies in 8 different sectors, especially in the finance and banking sector. Thanks to the B2Metric ML Studio Auto-ML platform, companies provide fast solutions to their complex problems in a shorter time with artificial intelligence and machine learning-based technology, ten premise-based software and service. With artificial intelligence technologies, analytical processes such as data collection, data cleaning, data processing make sense of large raw sales, customer movements and financial data; optimizes and enables them to increase their profitability by making future forecasts.


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B2Metric AutoML-Aktif Bank AI-Based Data Analytics Integration

AutoML platform services companies from start to finish by using AI technology in many different areas such as risk management and forecasting, price optimization, customer activity review, sales, and demand forecasting, customer churn forecasting, and so on.

Offering a B2Metric ML Studio AutoML platform, Aktif Bank, one of the largest investment banks in Turkey, has added to its customer portfolio. Together with Aktif Bank's CRM Data Analytics team, B2metric ML Studio provides services to Aktif Bank with its AI/ML-based data analytics product in order to measure its strategies and develop new strategies.
At the same time, the B2Metric ML Studio AutoML platform provides important insight for businesses to develop strategies by performing credit portfolio and risk analysis, which is one of the most important issues in the finance industry. It offers analyses such as customer micro-segmentation of businesses, increasing user acquisition rate, and reducing customer loss. Depending on the problem solved by the modeling established by this technology, it has an accuracy rate of up to 90%. With its high efficiency, machine learning modeling projects are completed in 4 times shorter time and reduce the operational costs of enterprises by 1/3.


The B2Metric's NPL

As B2Metric, we obtain information about how long people have worked by using the employer information segment. Specific to Aktif Bank, B2Metric use the customer personal information segment to analyze the information of individuals to banks for the loans they receive and check their consistency.

In addition, as B2Metric, we analyze the credit banks received from the current bank and other banks before the application, by using the Aktif Bank, application summary information segment. B2Metric can access information about how many applications a customer has made and how many rejections it has received, specific to the relevant bank and other banks.

Also, B2Metric measures a person's credibility by examining their behavior a few months prior to taking administrative action with the B2Metric NPL. This is a very important situation for banking. For this reason, Aktif Bank can monitor the reliability of its customers with B2Metric.

With this use case, which B2Metric has run for the banking sector, it can analyze the remaining balances of the customers' loans, how many installments they have delayed, and how long it takes to complete the loan.


The B2Metric's Churn Prediction

With its predictive analytics solution, B2Metric provides a system powered by AI for marketing and product teams. It improves your marketing teams in this way and ensures that client actions have favorable outcomes. Aktif Bank needs to take action, improve communication, and engage with customers more skillfully before it can begin working with B2Metric.

The needs and demands of customers change daily or monthly. For this reason, they want to find solutions according to customer needs, including the banking sector. Aktif Bank, on the other hand, needed critical analysis to reduce the churn rate and create interaction with customers. B2Metric provides analysis to increase customer experience in its work with Aktif Bank. By using B2Metric AI, prevents your customer churn rate by 10% and provides insight for a certain period of time.


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B2Metric blogpostB2Metric blogpost

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