Alternatif SuperApp X B2Metric IQ Customer Journey Predictive Analytics Platform Integration

Alternatif SuperApp X B2Metric IQ Customer Journey Predictive Analytics Platform Integration

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From shopping to paying bills, from playing games to watching movies, many tasks are done via mobile phones. In fact, there are almost as many applications on the phone as there are businesses in the virtual world. And that turned our phones into mini app stores. These applications are meant to make our lives easier, but the need to download a lot of them creates new challenges.

Alternatif SuperApp is advantageous for those who want to benefit from campaigns, make their payments safely with a QR code, and use the wallets of many brands in one application. In December 2021, Alternative SuperApp was launched by Macellan Company as a digital wallet application. Alternatif SuperApp provides clients with market solutions and fintech clients in the midst of this application dump chaos. It's a super application that makes

Alternatif SuperApp unites B2C and B2B customers as a platform model. By providing loyalty, payments, and CRM solutions for B2B companies and a wallet marketplace and campaigns for B2C customers.

Creating a marketplace by providing an out-of-the-box solution for all brands in a single application is one of Alternatif SuperApp's breakthrough benefits for businesses and individual customers. In addition to that, other benefits include displaying the most manageable location of the company's branches, allowing wallet sharing, and most importantly offering campaigns for all brands. included.


Alternatif SuperApp Uses B2Metric IQ Customer Journey Predictive Analytics

B2Metric offers an Al-based system for marketing and product teams with its predictive analytics solution. In this way, it strengthens your marketing teams and ensures positive results of customer actions. Alternatif SuperApp needs to take action, communicate better and create more effective interaction with customers so that Alternatif SuperApp has started working with B2Metric.


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To offer a better customer segmentation, users need to be much better known. Engaging marketing campaigns can be incorporated by creating actionable strategies to gain useful insights. Goals are important in customer segmentation. When performing customer segmentation, it is necessary to determine the type and type of data that should be collected about customers. Using B2Metric IQ allows you to better understand your customers. The Alternatif SuperApp, therefore, benefits from the B2Metric IQ.  


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Personalized messages that draw users' attention and encourage them to return to your app can be sent to users who aren't currently using your app by using B2Meric IQ Customer Journey Predictive Analytics. 

B2Metric IQ Customer Journey Analytics Platform supports your business's marketing analytics efforts with robust predictive models. B2Metric offers a lot of functionality in this context. Using B2Metric IQ, you can discover your customers' compositions from your data according to different criteria, so you can better understand them.

Powered by B2M IQ's Behavioral Graph

Our behavioral graph with a purpose allows you to:

  • Recognize the challenging customer journeys
  • Build more quickly and easily by utilizing marketing intelligence
  • Improve your marketing efforts

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