Allianz x B2Metric IQ Analytics Marketing Intelligence Platform

Allianz x B2Metric IQ Analytics Marketing Intelligence Platform

Allianz x B2Metric IQ Analytics Marketing Intelligence Platform 


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Comment from Allianz’s CMO & Head of Digital, Onur Kırcı; 


‘’With the B2Metric IQ Analytics, we can easily track our data in one platform. Thus, we have gained the time that a person uses in these operational works with B2Metric.’’


Allianz SE is one of the world's largest insurance and financial investment companies, headquartered in Munich, Germany.


Allianz, one of the most potent financial communities in the world, serves as one of the world's most extensive insurance and wealth management companies. 


Pioneering the technology-focused new-generation insurance business, Allianz Turkey has focused on the digitalization of its business processes in recent years and focused on managing the expectations and demands of its customers quickly and effectively. Focusing on five areas in all its subsidiaries: agility, simplicity, efficiency, digitalization, and customer focus, Allianz Turkey is an insurance company that aims to create an end-to-end digital customer experience with its customer-oriented digitalization strategy.


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B2Metric x Allianz Kickoff Day


Also, B2Metric team made an excellent presentation all day about B2Metric's IQ Customer Journey Predictive Analytics at the Allianz Kick-off Day!


Allianz will be able to use features such as navigating the platform's interface, accessing and editing data, and using various pages and features to analyze and understand marketing performance.


Some Related Topics:

  • Create custom dashboards and reports to visualize and analyze data.
  • Use filters and segmentation to drill down into specific subsets of data.
  • Set and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of marketing campaigns.
  • Use predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to predict future trends and identify optimization opportunities.


The B2Metric team had a productive day during the Allianz Kick-Off Day. Here, B2M use cases are explained in detail as how to use various pages and features to analyze and understand marketing performance.

The B2Metric team explained the B2M IQ Analytics Marketing Intelligence Platform in detail during the Kick-off day.


Also, B2Metric dived deeper into use cases such as:


  • Customer Churn Prediction
  • Customer Risk Scoring
  • Customer Micro-Segmentation
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Fraud Detection


Allianz Uses B2Metric IQ Marketing Intelligence Platform

B2Metric offers an Al-based system for marketing and product teams with its predictive analytics solution. This enhances your marketing teams and guarantees that consumer activities have great outcomes.


Churn prediction is the process of analyzing customer behavior and other factors to identify which customers are likely to cancel their subscriptions or stop using a company's products or services. Allianz collaborated with B2Metric to leverage churn prediction to help proactively address customer issues and retain customers.


Allianz needed to create a nuanced understanding of customer behavior and preferences and allow companies to tailor their marketing and sales efforts to specific groups, so it leveraged customer micro-segmentation.


You can watch the B2Metric - IQ Analytics & ML Studio Platform Introduction video! 👇




B2Metric blogpostB2Metric blogpost


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