GAIN X B2Metric IQ Customer Journey Predictive Analytics Integration

GAIN X B2Metric IQ Customer Journey Predictive Analytics Integration

How B2Metric Helps Gain Media?


Meet Yeşim Patricia Soylu, Head of Data & Analytics at GAIN. is the leading Media and OTT Startup. It's changed the way people enjoying from media.


And with B2Metric, Gain boosts marketing intelligence, data analytics, and customer journey actions. Marketing, content, and product teams know what their customers need and how they navigate their products. Gain has awesome mobile apps, web site, and TV apps. The B2Metric IQ Analytics has been a game changer. 

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What is GAIN MEDIA? 


Launched in 2019, GAIN Media is the leading media platform for the Turkish media industry. When Gain started as an OTT startup in 2019, data was central to understanding audience behavior and content consumption patterns to build a niche/advantage over existing video streaming services. With more players now entering the market, the data presents an opportunity to capture trends in viewership and provide insights to stay ahead of the curve. Not just from a content perspective, the company uses data to build a better platform for your audience's devices to deliver the best possible user experience.


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B2Metric’s Support Solution for Troubleshooting the Lack of Data Management Team


With a very small data team and a large amount of data to report,  as a startup, speed and agility are essential for business growth and B2Metric provided just that. One of the main reasons GAIN needs to work with B2Metric is that data plays an increasingly pivotal role on our platform, informing brands' strategic decisions.


Ingest the customer data and all touch points into the B2ML Studio platform to gain valuable insights and actions from raw data. Then, marketing & product teams follow all customer journeys. It is pivotal for companies because before applying and sending such campaigns to your customers, growth and marketing executives should know which campaign should be used for different segments to make the campaign cost-effective. B2Metric blogpost


Marketing insights powered by B2M IQ Behavioral graph


The dashboard solution has made B2Metric IQ the single source of truth for tracking the users' performance, platforms, and content that serve every team, from content to marketing and development teams.

Our goal-built behavioral graph lets you to

  • Analyze the paths for customer engagement
  • Identify opportunities to boost retention


B2Metric Growth & Behavioral Analytics


Understanding the hidden patterns of your customer is key to building the proper marketing and campaign strategies. B2Metric answers all of your complicated problems and converts them into opportunities.


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B2Metric AI/ML-based segmentation solutions can be implemented and adapted seamlessly. GAIN has different applications such as mobile, web, TV, etc. Thus, the problem at GAIN,  we collect all of the user data, unify them and give GAIN deep insight into its customers. Thanks to B2Metric and their support and data teams, analyzing customer data just got a lot easier. The depth and breadth of B2Metric capabilities help GAIN better understand clients' behaviors and expectations. B2Metric has played a central role in building a comprehensive 360-degree view of your customers, putting you in better control of your data, and gaining insight into your customers' digital journeys, flows, cohorts, and funnels. Also, paid media must evaluate which locations and messages suit GAIN’s customers. B2Metric helped GAIN better understand its customer's key touchpoints, especially around engagement and re-engagement.


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Our goal in creating a segmentation graph is to let you 

  • Sent relevant and personalized communication
  • Customized advertising content and ads
  • Drive engagement, increase retention, and build up your revenue

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