Urban Active x B2Metric Customer Journey Predictive Analytics

Urban Active x B2Metric Customer Journey Predictive Analytics

Urban Active x B2Metric Customer Journey Predictive Analytics


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About Urban Active 


Urban Active is an Indoor Cycling and Group Training studio. They provide Bootcamp, Pilates, Yoga, ABS & Stretch classes in their studios.

Urban Active offers training programs independent of time and place in its mobile application. Programs that can be followed easily at home or wherever you want can be accessed with just one application.


Customizing the training program with the Urban Active mobile application is possible. Using the filtering option; It is a mobile application where training is created by choosing the duration, level, and style of the training and programming at the most appropriate time.


Urban Active Uses B2Metric’s Push Notifications


A push notification is a type of message that is sent directly to a user's mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer from a server or an application. These notifications appear as alerts, banners, or badges on the user's device and can contain various types of information such as news updates, promotions, reminders, or social media alerts.


Urban Active's primary concern is mobile push notifications. Thus, it aimed to reach its users more easily with instant notifications. Urban Active's mobile users were able to receive instant notifications and be aware of updates.



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Urban Active Uses B2Metric’s Customer Micro-Segmentation


B2Metric AI allows you to create micro-segments by analyzing customer data. With B2Metric AI-based models, customer segmentation, which is difficult to do with traditional analytical methods, is provided.


B2Metric allowed Urban Active to customize its campaigns and take its marketing processes one step further with more targeted segments. With the artificial intelligence-based unsupervised models provided by the B2Metric solution, it is effortless to analyze customer data, find patterns in the data model and create customer micro-segments by obtaining insights. The micro-segments provided by our solution improve the decision-making processes of your marketing and growth teams.



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Personalized messages that draw users' attention and encourage them to return to your app can be sent to users who aren't currently using your app by using B2Meric IQ Customer Journey Predictive Analytics. 

B2Metric IQ Customer Journey Analytics Platform supports your business's marketing analytics efforts with robust predictive models. B2Metric offers a lot of functionality in this context. Using B2Metric IQ, you can discover your customers' compositions from your data according to different criteria, so you can better understand them.



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