Customer Propensity Prediction

Machine Learning applications evolve for the best customer communication in telecoms and analyze customer movements. B2Metric exists to predict and procure customers' next step and provide the best option for them.



Fraud Detection with Anomaly Detection Modules

Machine learning algorithms are efficient in detecting fraudulent behavior with anomaly detection of data. The power of AutoML-driven fraud detection solutions is derived from their ability to process large sets of data. The general rule is the more data is better, which consequently improves the accuracy and effectiveness of the analysis. B2Metric uses several data sources, both internal and external, to help identify fraudulent behavior in realtime with its anomaly detection modules.



Handling with Big Data

The fact that customer data is available in a mixture of various sources often poses a problem. Therefore, managing them manually will be time-consuming and will incur additional costs. With AutoML, the handle of Big Data will be much easier. Therefore revenue will increase. B2Metric can turn your customer data into business insights and can use that information to make intelligent decisions, predict outcomes, suggest actions and automate tasks based on machine learning.



Customer Churn Prevention

Decreasing customer churn is the main business target of the telecom business. To manage customer churn, churning customers should be identified first. Then these customers must be convinced to stay. B2Metric AI prevents your customer churn rate by %20 to %50 with robust Churn prediction models that make efficient service.