01 I Active Learning System

Business to metric analytics with power of AI

B2Metric AI can not only turn your customer data into business insights but can use that information to make intelligent decisions, predict outcomes, suggest actions and automate tasks based on machine learning. B2Metric AutoML approach automates machine learning steps and highly increase prediction scores. AI makes your business smarter about how and when it engages its customers.

B2Metric AI main vision is building continuous business learning infrastructure for the organizations.

We create innovative Prescriptive Analytics platform with power of Auto ML. Machine learning significantly make better resolution making through sophisticated predictive analytics that learns patterns from historical data. Under the superintendence of data scientists, predictive analytics enables organizations to convert their business through these enterprise. Nevertheless, data dcientists have not adequate sources and this lack prevents businesses to without exception understand the potential to obtain merit from their data.

01 I Reduced fraudulent claims payouts and higher customer satisfaction thanks to fatser resolution payout

02 I Easy to integrate with cloud based / on-prem based systems.

03 I Replicates the capabilities of your team’s best claims handlers at massive scale

04 I Focuses claim handler and investigator time on claims where they are most needed

05 I Cost - effective; rapid path to ROI

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Process Optimization &
Fraud Prevention

The insurance industry is in the midst of a radical, digitally infused shake-up. Customers are embracing digital channels, and technologies such as the connected car, smart solutions, and artificial intelligence (AI) has ushered in an era of new products built on analytics. B2Metric AI improves your customer experience during claims process and rapidly detect insurance fraud in claims with deep learning technolgy. AI-powered anti-fraud software helps you increase your direct fraud savings over 2x.

1 I Platform Independent
Force uses client claim and policy data in any format

2 I AI Analysis
With contextual guidance to power investigations

3 I Alerts & Notifications
Sends real-time alerts or batched notifications for suspicious cases to fraud handlers

4 I 80% Hit Rate
Force gives more accurate information with fewer false positives than any solutions in the market

03 I B2 Metric AI Sectors & Use Cases

Time is a valuable resource , for employees and customers . Use B2Metric to predicting that claims ought to be foundation on auto-paid characteristics. Thus, minimize your the possibility of mistakes.

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Accordion Content

  • Customer Chum Analysis
  •                   Dynamic Pricing
  • Document Reader with OCR 
  •                       Cross Selling
  •                Sales Forecasting
  •          Demand Forecasting
  •           Anomaly Detection

BMS | B2Metric Machine Learning Studio

BMS is a platform that you can manage and develop ML models. Enables to integrate Auto ML to your CRM Systems and your software development life cycle. Automate the fuss of getting your data Machine Learning ready through automated generation of advanced ML pipelines,

03 I B2METRIC AI Use Cases by Industries


To be profitable in the insurance industry, you must avoid being adversely selected against. B2Metric AI helps your insurance process to avoid this and maintain your underwriting margins. Claim processing is the center of the insurance business. Even tiny improvements that reduce processing time and increase accuracy can drive huge impacts.

Claims processing is the center of the insurance business. Even tiny improvements that reduce processing time and increase accuracy can drive huge impacts. Time is a valuable resource for employees and customers. Use B2Metric Hunter to predicting that claims ought to be foundation on auto-paid characteristics with deep learning. Thus, minimize your the possibility of mistakes.

 The power of technology driven fraud detection solutions is derived from their ability to process large sets of data. The general rule is the more data the better, which consequently improves the accuracy and effectiveness of the analysis. B2Metric AI uses several data sources, both internal and external, to help insurers identify fraudulent behavior.

Finance Services

Financial Services firms recognize how AI based advanced analytics can reduce costs, improve operations, and increase customer satisfaction. Reshape your company from internal operations to customer experience to treasury services and payments.

Building unique scoring models in a matter of minutes. Combining advanced machine learning techniques with your loan portfolio history to uncover the full potential of your data.  


Retailers are increasingly using innovative technologies to offer new ways to shop both online and in-store and provide rewarding careers for employees with power of AI

B2Metric AI prescriptive analytics helps retailers understand how much stock to have on hand at a given time. Demand forecasting for retail is the act of using data and insights to predict how much of a specific product or service customers will want to purchase during a defined time period.

04 I Clients

05 I B2Metric AI Demo Request

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