B2Metric & Amplitude


We don’t compete with


Our platforms complement each other
to fit your needs on some points

But there are some distinctions.

Making the best tool selection for your needs

When to use

  • A/B testing
  • Optimize product experience
  • Visualize the digital journeys of users

When to use

  • Adaptive Learning and Automated Machine Learning Features.
  • Up-to-date performance marketing reports. Campaign performance overview, Reach/Spend Analysis.
  • Campaign optimization solution.
  • Explainable AI for Data Scientists & Analytics teams.
  • Predictable insights
  • More analytics and CDP platform connections

B2Metric has a wider variety of reports spanning all your businesses needs and is powered with predictive AI to not only understand the past, but predict the future.

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Take your advertising and marketing campaigns to the subsequent level

B2Metric is greater than only a product analytics tool. It additionally helps advertising and marketing analytics via way of means of growing push notifications and overall performance advertising and marketing campaigns with only some clicks.

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Empower your website online reliability crew

With B2Metric, you can not only track your users but also easily access detailed app crash reports to improve the reliability of your product

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Know who your real customers are

B2Metric not only provides an overview of user interactions with the platform, but can also reveal details about users through user composition and user search reports by location, device, or behavior. Additionally, similar customers can be grouped into cohorts and their trips monitored individually.

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AutoML and explainable AI

Incorporating machine learning and predictive capabilities into your analytics have never been easier. Build state-of-the-art machine learning models in just a few clicks, without engineering or programming effort. Simply upload your dataset, select your algorithm, and B2Metric Auto-ML Studio will preprocess your data, train your model, select features, tune your hyperparameters, and deliver an exportable model and intuitive ML We provide both reports to understand the model results.

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You can activate/deactivate the events you have defined from the event management section or you can categorize events.

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By using the North Star Management section, you can add analyzes that are of great importance to you, and you can disable events that are less important.