Explore why more companies use
B2Metric rather than Pendo?

B2Metric combines detailed analytics reports with predictive capabilities to empower your product, marketing, and engineering teams.

Features & Insights

  • Augmented AI-based customer segmentation and clustering
  • Boost app user retention rate and decrease customer churn rates and uninstalls
  • Marketing campaigns which drive revenue and ROI
  • Meaningful and quick dashboard for mobile app marketers
  • Individually customized cross-channel customer journey experiences
How B2Metric compares to Pendo
Auto-ML platform for ad-hoc machine learning tasks (regression, classification, clustering, time series forecasting) with explainable ML reports for churn, purchase, and retention prediction, and much more.
Detailed app crash report (crash free rate, daily crash count, crashes by device or OS version, crashes by device model, Android exceptions)
Up-to-date performance marketing reports (campaign performance overview, Reach/Spend Analysis)
Support in marketing automation (create push notification campaign, push notification history)
AI-powered predictive analytics to foresee user behavior and reduce churn
Create custom cohorts and monitor their customer journey using detailed cohort analysis reports
Real-time detection of anomalous behavior in data
Seamless connection to data storage, analytics, CRM, and business communication tools and APIs
Product metrics (active users, downloads, engagement time, etc)
Screen flow reports to discover how users navigate your product
Interactive funnel analysis reports with compelling visualizations
Up-to-date user retention reports and charts
User onboarding in-app guides

Thoroughly examine your data

B2Metric does not take your data at face value. It thoroughly examines it to separate useful trends from sporadic anomalies and make sure your analysis brings value to your business.

Take your marketing campaigns to the next level

More than just a product analytics tool, B2Metric also assists you in marketing analytics, making push notification or performance marketing campaigns just a few clicks away.

Empower your site reliability team

B2metric allows you not only to track your users, but also to improve the reliability of your product with easy access to detailed app crash reports

Get to know who your customers really are

B2Metric does not only show you a summary of user interaction with your platform, it allows you to uncover minute details about your users through user composition and user lookup reports according to location, device, or behavior. Moreover, you can group similar customers together in cohorts and monitor their customer journey separately.

AutoML and explainable AI

Embedding machine learning and predictive capabilities into your analytics has never been easier. Create state-of-the art machine learning models with just a few clicks, and with no engineering or coding effort needed. Simply upload your dataset and select an algorithm, and B2Metric Auto-ML Studio will take care of data preprocessing, model training, feature selection, and hyperparameter optimization, giving you both a model ready to be exported and intuitive explainable ML reports to understand your model’s results.


B2Metric is a Top-Notch Automated ML Modeling Platform For Banking And Finance. We use B2metric ML Studio for our Banking customer retention, segmentation, behavior analysis and propensity predictions. High-accurate ML models give us great customer insights...

Mehmet Yaşar SungurHead of CRM & Data Science & Data AnalyticsAktifBank
B2Metric IQ Analytics
B2Metric ML Studio - Auto ML

Perfectly suits startups who want to accelerate customer journey and product analytics with power of AI.

Our free plan includes
8M events per month
Basic analytics
Unlimited data sources
Unlimited users
Helping teams like

Great for scale-up companies looking for out of the box customer journey predictive analytics to boost revenue.

Everything in Starter, plus
Extensive omnichannel data aggregation
Advanced customer behavioral analytics
Custom onboarding & Data Science support
Personalized Mobile Push Notification
Helping teams like

Ideal for cross-functional teams who need deeper insights and data governance.Custom plans and pricing to suit your needs

Everything in Growth, plus
Robust data governance, omnichannel data aggregation for on-premises
Pre-trained ML Models for Customer Journey
Premium support and services with ML Engineers
Custom User Journey creation and advanced user permissions
Helping teams like

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