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How does B2Metric
compare to Vaix?

B2Metric combines in-depth analytical reporting and forecasting capabilities to empower your product, marketing, and engineering teams.

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How B2Metric compares to Vaix
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Auto-ML platform for ad-hoc machine learning tasks (regression, classification, clustering, time series forecasting) with explainable ML reports TickCross
Affordable service with the same features: Providing an affordable data analytics platform that offers all the features of other more expensive services. TickTick
User-friendly interface: Intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use, with drag-and-drop functionality and customizable charts and tables. TickCross
Customizable dashboards allowing users to create custom dashboards that suit their business needs and preferences, with a variety of pre-built widgets or the ability to create their own. TickCross
Real-time customer success service: Offering real-time customer support 24/7 to ensure customer success. TickCross
Churn and retention prediction using event and marketing data: Having predictive analytics capabilities including churn and retention prediction using event and marketing data, allowing businesses to take proactive measures to retain customers. TickTick
User and activity prediction: Having predictive analytics capabilities including user and activity prediction, allowing businesses to better understand customer behavior and make more informed decisions. TickTick
Also offering data warehousing, data mining, data cleansing, data enrichment, and data modeling services to help businesses make the most of their data. TickCross
Free data scientist consultancy and ML Support TickCross
B2Metric IQ Analytics
B2Metric ML Studio - Auto ML

Perfectly suits startups who want to accelerate customer journey and product analytics with power of AI.

Our free plan includes
8M events per month
Basic analytics
Unlimited data sources
Unlimited users
Helping teams like

Great for scale-up companies looking for out of the box customer journey predictive analytics to boost revenue.

Everything in Starter, plus
Extensive omnichannel data aggregation
Advanced customer behavioral analytics
Custom onboarding & Data Science support
Personalized Mobile Push Notification
Helping teams like

Ideal for cross-functional teams who need deeper insights and data governance.Custom plans and pricing to suit your needs

Everything in Growth, plus
Robust data governance, omnichannel data aggregation for on-premises
Pre-trained ML Models for Customer Journey
Premium support and services with ML Engineers
Custom User Journey creation and advanced user permissions
Helping teams like

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