The Importance of Customer Retention

Retaining users rather than acquiring new ones is easier and more cost-effective and brings companies a ton of ROI. Thus, retaining customers is significant to drive higher revenue and ROI for your business.

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B2Metric is a Top-Notch Automated ML Modeling Platform For Banking And Finance. We use B2metric ML Studio for our Banking customer retention, segmentation, behavior analysis and propensity predictions. High-accurate ML models give us great customer insights...

Mehmet Yaşar SungurHead of CRM & Data Science & Data AnalyticsAktifBank

Because of the problem involves complex data over time and interactions between different customer behaviors that can be difficult for people to identify, AI AI is a great solution for predicting customer churn. AI can look at new data sources and a variety of data, including relatively complex interactions between actions, and compare it to individual histories to determine churn risk. You can also use AI to suggest the best deals that are most likely to retain your valuable customers. In addition, AI identifies why customers are at risk and enables organizations to take action in these areas more globally for individual customers.

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We have searched and tried many Auto-ML tools before. But B2Metric is the most suitable customer journey predictive analytics solution for our insurance business needs. Automated machine learning solutions with divergent thinking systems for churn prediction, risk analysis and customer segmentation in life insurance customers.


We built our weekly data analysis reports architecture with B2Metric. They have done an excellent job by providing a solution for our endless needs as an OTT startup.


B2Metric has successfully integrated and deployed a dashboard where we can continuosly track critical parameters for our business. Plus, agility in response, clear user interface, well designed data relation.


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Flexible reports provide you to answer your specific questions and understand how you can build the relationship with your customers and create cutomer and business value

B2Metric ML Studio Solution is an award-winning platform for automatic machine learning that empowers data science teams to scale by dramatically increasing the speed to develop highly accurate predictive models. B2ML solution includes innovative features of particular interest to companies including interpretable AI.

Simple AI-Based Predictive Analytics Solution for marketing & growth & product teams

Experience how B2Metric IQ is designed to be used by cross-functional teams. Data collaboration is our secret to building a fast moving data-informed culture inside your company

Boost Your Retention Rate with B2Metric. Retention is one of the significant measurements for businesses. You can view how many of your users return to your product, or are retained or are churned. While increasing your retention, you could offset your new customer acquisition costs and raise users’ lifetime value. This is the reason why higher retention rate is important.

B2Metric ML Studio solution provides deep insights to improve customer experience and loyalty and increase retention rates. By using the B2ML solution, you can reach important key performance indicators such as profit, orders, risks, customer behaviour and so on that can help you analyze your marketing tactics and strategies.

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